Frequently questions.

How works genfromdb

To generate source code with our service, you must create an user, login in, then create a new database and you must upload a backup of your database created locally on your pc, once this is done, the backup will be restored automatically by displaying the elements of your database in a left panel data.

Later you must create a new project and select a programming language, although it will only generate stored procedures, then you select the elements that you want to generate, the cost will vary according to the number of tables, fields and elements generated.

Create Proyects.

After having created and restored your database, you must create a new project indicating a project name and the programming language, even if it is only going to create stored procedures.

The stored procedures will be generated in a .sql file and obviously their code will be in the database engine that you have selected.

You can select the elements to be generated by checking or unchecking the checkboxes.

How download source code.

Once you have generated your source code, this source code will be listed, you could copy and paste it but you have to edit it because it is listed and you will lose valuable time.

This source code displayed is only for the user to verify what he is going to buy, to download it without numbering he must click on the project, then on "pay to download", then choose a payment method, complete the transaction, then it will automatically redirect to the project and can generate a download link.

How to delete databases and projects.

It is possible to delete databases and projects whose source code has already been downloaded to your computer, this is recommended so that you have more free space, since if you reach the limit of free space you will no longer be able to create more databases or projects, this is because we still do not provide web hosting service, we only generate source code..

To delete a database you must select it in the left panel and then in the right panel you can click on the red button that says "delete this db", it will automatically update the page.To delete a project, you must first select a database, then select the project tab and then click on "delete".

It is important to highlight if you delete a project, its generated source code will also be eliminated, so to eliminate a project it must have been paid and downloaded or simply not have been paid, that is, you can create and generate code without committing to pay if the code displayed does not meet your expectations.

What happens to the databases and backups uploaded to this site?

The backup files (.back, .backup, .sql, ..) are eliminated by the system once the databases have been restored and the restored databases can be eliminated by the user at any time he wishes. , leaving only a record of the name of the database and the number of tables generated on our servers, but not their structure or records.

However, uploading database backups without logs is recommended to take advantage of the free space..